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Washing Up Liquids


There was a time when washing dishes involved using crude yellow or white soap. Now, we have washing up liquids. They are easier to use and safer on the hands. There are a variety of them, but I’ll be focusing on the three most popular brands.
Morning Fresh
Morning Fresh is unarguably the most popular washing up liquid. It is manufactured by PZ Cussons. It has been around forever. I love Morning Fresh. It comes in Original (green), Lemon (Yellow) and Anti Bacterial (Blue). I love Morning Fresh because it is thick, cuts through grease easily and has a great fragrance.
Morning Fresh comes in an opaque white bottle which I totally dislike. It is so awkward and unappealing, quite difficult to handle. It doesn’t sit pretty by my kitchen sink.
You need to give the bottle a good squeeze to dispense the liquid.
It retails at about N400 for a 1 litre bottle

Sunlight washing up liquid is a new entrant to the washing up liquid market manufactured by Unilever. When compared to Morning Fresh, it’s not as thick. It comes in one fragrance which I love. Whenever I see the bottle and it’s labeling, the first thought that comes to mind is a Dishwashing Machine; maybe because of the TURBO written on the label.

It comes in an opaque yellow bottle which I do not like; it reminds me of toilet cleaning liquid. The 955ml bottle seems like a small keg, so you need to have a smaller container to put some in for ease of use.
The spout is a bit large, it tends to let more liquid out than i need.
Sunlight retails at about N850 for the 955ml bottle.

Fairy is also a new entrant to the washing up liquid market, manufactured by Procter and Gamble. It is one of the most popular dishwashing brands in the UK.
It comes in a transparent shapely bottle which I love. The problem I have with Fairy is the fragrance. The smell is a bit too sharp; the first time I sniffed it, I actually winced (this was with the Platinum variant). The other variants have nice fragrances. I do not like the original green fragrance; I found it a bit boring which is odd since I love the green Morning Fresh. Did I already say how much I loved the bottle? There is something nice about a transparent dishwashing liquid bottle.
The spout is a very good size. Dispenses just the right amount of liquid.
Fairy retails at around N370 for 433ml.

Niyoola’s Take
Morning Fresh is the cheapest of all three. The pricing of the other two is ridiculous. A bottle of Morning Fresh cost half the price of the same quantity of the other variants. May be due to the Sunlight and Fairy being new products, but if the plan is to be competitive, something has to be done about the pricing.
Fairy has the best looking bottle. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yup, I pour my green Morning Fresh in my Fairy bottle …… dishwashing heaven!!!

When I’m feeling adventurous and have extra cash to throw around, I buy Fairy. I would love it if Fairy was more affordable; I would definitely buy it regularly if the price is right.

I buy Sunlight for the pop of colour. I don’t like the bottle, but it still looks better than the Morning Fresh bottle.

What do you think of the washing up liquids reviewed above? Do you have any favourites? 

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