Thursday, 3 December 2015

Keeping Baby Entertained

alphabet song

Are you a mum, worried about how to keep your little one occupied? Is your baby bored with his/her toys? One thing I always recommend is Nursery Rhyme Videos. Kids are never too young to start listening to and watching nursery rhymes. My daughter started watching videos on my iPad from 6 months, and absolutely loved them (the iPad is history though; she dumped it water, cracked the screen, shattered the screen ..... good thing it was a very old device).
Whenever she was watching them, I was free to do a couple of things because the videos kept her occupied.
While some people may think 6 months is too early to start watching videos, I don’t think so. By the time she was 9 months old, she could replicate the actions in the videos and by age 1, she could hum along to the songs.

rain rain go away song

I recommend LittleBabyBum Channel on Youtube. They have lots of animated nursery rhyme videos; some of them are up to 2 hours long. You can download the videos to your tablet, laptop, USB device (and plug and play on your TV). The videos, asides from the basic nursery rhymes, teach potty training, handwashing and other habits you would want your child to imbibe. 

potty training song

For toddlers, try the Mother Goose Club videos and Barney & Friends.

So how do you keep your baby occupied? Please leave a comment below.

Images: courtesy Little Baby Bum

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